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The Global Politico is delighted to invite passionate scholars and writers to contribute their scholastic views and research to our esteemed publication. If you have expertise in fields such as Politics and International Relations, Defense and Strategic Studies, International Political Economy, International Law, Sociology, Diplomacy, Area Studies, History, or any related discipline, we encourage you to submit your work at editor@theglobalpolitico.com

The Global Politico: Acceptable Submissions 

At The Global Politico, we welcome diverse perspectives and well-researched content that stimulates thoughtful discussions on global affairs. Our platform caters to various formats to accommodate a range of topics and depth of analysis. Please consider the following guidelines when submitting different types of content:

1. Short Articles (700-900 words):
– Concise, focused pieces that present a clear argument or perspective.
– Provide insightful analysis within the specified word limit.

2. Analysis (1200-1400 words):
– In-depth analysis offering a strong and well-supported viewpoint.
– Engage readers with compelling arguments and thought-provoking insights.

3. Rebuttals (800 words):
– Thoughtful responses challenging or countering existing viewpoints.
– Maintain a constructive tone while presenting counterarguments.

4. Book Reviews (900-1000 words):
– Critically review a book, emphasizing key themes, strengths, and weaknesses.
– Offer a balanced assessment that aids readers in understanding the book’s significance.

5. Article Reviews (700-800 words):
– Analyze and provide commentary on a specific article or publication.
– Highlight key points, assess the methodology, and contribute to ongoing discussions.

6. Short Research Papers (Up to 3000 words):
– Include a 150-word abstract and a conclusion.
– Adhere to Chicago 17th Manual referencing style.
– Expect a comprehensive review process lasting approximately two weeks.

Submission Requirements for The Global Politico

 To ensure a streamlined and efficient process, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Originality and Plagiarism:
    Submit only original work; plagiarism should not exceed 10 percent. Utilize plagiarism detection tools prior to submission.

  2. Summary:
    Include a succinct 50-word summary outlining the main argument or key findings of the article. This is crucial for quick comprehension by readers.

  3. References:
    Provide references solely in the form of hyperlinks (6-8) to ensure easy access to supporting sources or additional information.

  4. Review Process:
    Our editorial board may take 3-4 days for the review process. Kindly be patient and refrain from following up during this period.

  5. Time Period:
    Authors are requested to refrain from submitting the article to other publications during the 5-day hold period to allow for exclusive consideration by The Global Politico.

  6. Unpublished Content:
    Submit only unpublished articles. We are committed to showcasing fresh and unique perspectives to our readers.

  7. Visual Content:
    Enhance your submission by including a high-quality picture related to the article’s topic. This will be considered for featuring your article.

  8. Author Information:
    Along with your article, share a brief bio and a photograph for author attribution. This personal touch adds depth to your contribution.

  9. Submission Format:
    Submit your article in a standard document format (e.g., Word or Google Docs) with proper formatting for headings, subheadings, and body text.

  10. Submission Process:
    To submit your articles, pitches, or completed pieces, please email us at editor@theglobalpolitico.com.


We appreciate your interest in contributing to The Global Politico, and we look forward to reviewing your submissions. Together, we can foster a platform for scholarly exchange and promote insightful discourse on important global issues.