About The Global Politico

The Global Politico is an esteemed publication that extends an invitation to passionate scholars and writers to share their scholastic views and research with a wider audience. The publication specifically seeks expertise in various fields such as Politics and International Relations, Defense and Strategic Studies, International Political Economy, International Law, Sociology, Diplomacy, Area Studies, History, and related disciplines. This diverse range of subjects allows for a comprehensive understanding of global affairs.

While submissions from all regions are welcomed, The Global Politico places particular emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region and Kashmir Affairs. The aim is to provide readers with in-depth analysis and insightful perspectives on these areas of interest. By focusing on these regions, the publication aims to shed light on their unique challenges, dynamics, and contributions to global politics.

To submit an article, pitch, or completed piece, interested individuals are requested to email their work to editor@theglobalpolitico.com. The submission should include the author’s name and contact information, along with the article pitch or completed article in Word document format. If the article has been previously published elsewhere, contributors are encouraged to indicate this. Furthermore, any compensation expectations should be clearly stated in the submission.

The Global Politico values originality, rigorous research, and well-crafted analysis. Writers are encouraged to provide unique insights and thought-provoking content that contributes to a deeper understanding of global affairs. The publication aims to serve as a platform for scholarly exchange and promote insightful discourse on important global issues.

It is important to note that due to the high volume of submissions received, The Global Politico may only be able to contact authors whose pieces are accepted for publication. In the event that a response is not received within a reasonable timeframe, contributors are encouraged to explore other publishing opportunities for their work.

The Global Politico appreciates the interest of potential contributors in sharing their knowledge and expertise. The publication eagerly awaits the submission of articles, pitches, and completed pieces, with the shared objective of fostering a platform for scholarly exchange and promoting insightful discourse on important global issues.