Today, the oppressed nation of Jammu and Kashmir, along with supporters of our just struggle from across the globe, unite in paying heartfelt tributes to the valiant martyr, Burhan Muzaffar Wani. Among the thousands of martyrs who sacrificed their precious lives for Allah and their cherished homeland, Burhan Muzaffar shines brightly. To honor these great martyrs, we must carry forward their sacred quest for freedom with unwavering determination, regardless of the cost or circumstances, until the complete withdrawal of Indian occupying forces from the region. Anything short of the complete withdrawal of these forces would be unacceptable to the resilient people of the occupied territory.

There are some opportunistic and self-serving elements, as well as agents of vested interests, who are attempting to make the current bloody ceasefire line into a permanent border so that the inhabitants of the oppressed nation will continue to suffer under the brutal military occupation of India while these paid stooges will have a free atmosphere to spend their lives lavishly. However, rest assured that such shortsighted individuals shall not escape the consequences of divine justice, nor will they save themselves from the wrath of Mujahideen.

On this historic occasion, we want to draw the attention of influential global powers and institutions towards the extremely complex and critical situation of justice, human rights, and democratic rights. The people of the occupied state are bravely confronting the challenges with great resilience and determination. They are not only being deprived of their ancestral lands and economic resources but also being systematically marginalized and excluded from employment opportunities. The policies promoting the settlement of non-state residents are gradually transforming the Muslim majority into a minority.

 The younger generation is being killed in cold blood under different pretexts. Thousands of activists and leaders are struggling in different jails in Kashmir and India, deprived of basic facilities and bound by strict chains. They are caught in the struggle for survival and are facing numerous challenges. Religious organizations are being restricted by imposing limitations and their institutions and foundations are being seized. Moreover, relentless efforts persist to enforce the Indian narrative through communication channels and educational systems. It is evident that the custodians of global peace and human rights, whether knowingly or unknowingly, have forsaken the Kashmiri people, leaving them at the mercy of thousands of occupying forces.

At this critical juncture, we earnestly appeal to the Pakistani nation and its leadership, particularly those in positions of power, to prioritize the Kashmir issue over internal conflicts. The existence of our land and its people are in great danger and it is important we focus towards the issue with great interest. We must transcend mere rhetoric, hollow protests, and symbolic gestures, and instead undertake tangible and pragmatic actions that fulfill our moral and constitutional responsibilities. Failure to do so would not only lead to condemnation in the annals of history but also deny a chance to evade the consequential wrath of the Almighty. May Allah Almighty bestow upon us the wisdom, strength, and courage to comprehend and fulfill our obligations.


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